PREFABOND aluminium composite panels

PREFABOND aluminium composite panels

Now with top quality P.10 surface finish

The PREFA complete system package just got even better thanks to the addition of our new PREFABOND aluminium composite panels! Following in the footsteps of PREFA’s other roofing and façade products and accessories, our PREFABOND composite panels are now available in our popular P.10 colours: anthracite, black, prefa white, nut brown and dark grey. The panels also come in eight standard colours – with the same exceptional and long-lasting colour quality guaranteed – so you really are spoilt for choice when designing your façade.

The P.10 complete system
Perfectly coordinated in terms of colour and technology
The complete system from PREFA, comprising 5000 different products, allows you to create a homogeneous and harmonious building according to your own vision. All the products and all the installation accessories and additional articles are perfectly coordinated with one another and delivered together. This ensures that all the parts match perfectly and that the finished result meets the highest standards in terms of quality and appearance. With P.10, PREFA has also developed a colour-fast surface that meets the most exacting quality standards.

PREFABOND aluminium composite panels
PREFABOND aluminium composite panels

Exceptionally strong and built to last
Our PREFABOND panels are made from a special mix of materials, which makes them extremely strong and resistant to bending and denting. The visible face of the aluminium skin is coil-coated with a high-quality paint (in your chosen colour) and the skin is then bonded to a mineral polymer core using a fusion bonding process. An A2 core is also available on request for projects with particularly stringent fire safety requirements. The top-quality coil-coated surface finish protects the panels against the effects of weathering for decades to come and also guards against dirt and discolouration.

Endless design possibilities
With our PREFABOND aluminium panels, the possibilities are almost limitless – so you can achieve your architectural vision without compromising on any of the benefits of a non-bearing rear ventilated façade. This durable product is a great choice for new builds and renovation projects alike, and can even be used internally to create a striking interior design feature. The panels weigh just 7,6 kg/m² and the standard panel dimensions are 4010 × 1535 mm (usable dimensions 4000 × 1525 mm) with bespoke sizes also available on request.

Multiple installation options and design features
Another advantage is the range of different installation options. Our PREFABOND panels can be installed on wood substructures using screws, on aluminium substructures using rivets, or in both cases using adhesive. No matter the size, the result is an elegant and uniform façade. Plus, if you want to create a truly unique and sophisticated piece of architecture, there are lots of options to customise your façade with drill holes, joints and patterns created using CNC milling.

Technical data - PREFABOND Aluminium composite panels
  • coil-coated aluminium (front)
  • FR core (A2 core available for specific projects on request)
  • aluminium with protective paint (reverse)
Size 4010 × 1535 × 4 mm, other dimensions, cuts and features (e.g. drill holes, joints and patterns created using CNC milling) available on request
Weight 7,6 kg/m²
  • screws/adhesive, on wood substructure
  • rivets/adhesive, on aluminium substructure
in accordance with structural requirements
Coating top-quality coil coating in Duragloss 5000 (front) or P.10 protective paint (reverse)
Colours 02 P.10 anthracite
03 P.10 black
10 P.10 prefa white
11 P.10 nut brown
19 P.10 dark grey
12 metallic silver
17 pure white
20 smoke silver
21 ruby red
23 black grey
44 matt anthracite
45 bronze
48 dark titanium

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