PREFA Solar panel substructure

PREFA Solar panel substructure

Investing in renewable energies pays off! Do you already have a PREFA roof and now you’d like to gear it to the future? If so, the PREFA solar installation is exactly what you need – perfect for attaching solar panels.

All advantages of the PREFA solar installation system:

  • 40-year material guarantee
  • Fast and safe mounting
  • Comprehensive accessories for panels and mounting
  • Flat, aesthetic design.

PREFA Solar panel substructure
PREFA Solar panel substructure

Solar panel mounting systems for strong roofs
Solar panels are a well-known and accepted way of generating electricity in an environmentally-friendly manner. Unlike other sustainable energy generating systems such as wind power plants or hydroelectric power stations, all of us can generate energy on our own roofs! Even small systems can achieve sufficient yields. So you can take one step closer to becoming completely self-sufficient.

Would you like to use solar energy in your home and get your PREFA roof working for you? With the PREFA solar mounting system, you can easily attach solar panel systems to any of our roof systems.

Good reasons for choosing a PREFA Solar panel mounting system:

  • Sustainable energy production, sustainable quality: The PREFA mounting system comes with a 40-year guarantee on materials.
  • Mounting system from one supplier: Advice, planning and mounting by professional PREFA roofers to provide the correct foundation for having the modules mounted by an electrician. Our experience on the roof will secure your energy in the future.
  • A mounting system for all PREFA roofs: All solar products such as profile rails, rail connectors, middle clamps, end clamps, earth/cross connectors, roof conduits and cable clips, etc. are compatible with every PREFA roof system.
  • Quick and easy mounting: Only standard tools are required.
  • Specialist advice provided on site: We’re right where you need us. Professional planning of the PREFA mounting system ensures stability and safety in the long term.
  • Forward-thinking innovation: We are constantly developing our products and methods. PREFA products are always at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Triple savings: Low mounting costs, long service life, long-term value.

PREFA Solar installation system

Here you can find the accessories.

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Sistem de fixare a panourilor fotovoltaice PREFA Solar
Sistem de fixare a panourilor fotovoltaice PREFA Solar

Sistemul de fixare a panourilor fotovoltaice, PREFA Solar, este compatibil cu toare tipurile de acoperisuri PREFA. Montajul este rapid, usor si sigur, deoarece dispune de o gama larga de accesorii si garantie de material de 40 ani.

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Element de fixare pentru panouri solare
Element de fixare pentru panouri solare
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Tehnologie de ancorare si fixare


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